Excerpt from the film "Lost Horizons"

 Shangri-La Short-Films Project    

•A series of short films inspired by the film "Lost Horizon" and sponsored by Shangri-La Hotels; capturing a first-person view through a painter's adventures throughout Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Yangon; resulting in spectacular art shows featuring original artwork inspired by all the adventures.

Art Classes, Community Engagement Projects

•Film of creating art classes for children in local communities and schools on behalf of the Shangri-La Art Initiative Project

•Video Examples for Mood, theme, and film styles

•Shangri-La builds an art-camp for under-developed community

•Mr. Wilkinson creates a beautiful representational mural of that community on the buildings wall and with the children's help

Art Basel For Thailand

•"The Most Expensive Art Show Thailand's Ever Scene"

•Art Basel for Bangkok

•Allure of  high-priced art, their buyers, celebrities, athletes, models, philanthropists, taste makers, sceners, fashion designers, etc.

•Promotions/Collaboration with spirits/wine companies, luxury auto, fashion (Promotional art contests for artist to create work inspired by the spirits/wine company; hand painted designs on exotic luxury cars; etc)

Shangri-La Excursion

•Theme: The Revitalization of Romanticism (Romanticism definition: a movement in the arts and literature that originated in the late 18th century, emphasizing inspiration, subjectivity, and the primacy of the individual.)

•The Search For Inspiration - visiting/filming local museums, art galleries, historic temples, monks, architects, chefs.  Engaging in local adventures such as Muay Thai Boxing, Shark Diving, surfing, skydiving, formula 1 driving, etc.

•The Search for the Individual: "Outstanding People of the Provence" Biologists, Philanthropists, Athletes, High ranking monks, Unique Crafstman, Artists, Chefs, Dreamers, Photgrpahers, City Planners, Scientists, Dare dEveils, Local Heroes, Inspiration Locals

•Subjectivity: Conclusion of experiences; creating a series of original paintings inspired by the loction/culture and is then unveiled at the ultra-art event at the Shangri-La

  • The Art of Wilkinson

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